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Defenxor Intelligence Security Consulting (DISC)

Integrated Security Consulting


The million-dollar question that every business should answer today is the following:
“Is my business safe?”
You cannot know the answer for sure if you do not know how to start checking. That is why Defenxor can help you with our Security Consulting. We will find out if your system is safe or compromised, and what measures can be taken to make it more secure. We can also help you to comply with regulatory and security compliance.

Simply ask and take away the guesswork, because when it comes to securing your business, you cannot make any compromises. DISC will improve your confidence regarding your business security, and thus allowing you to focus more on other aspects of your business.


  • Security Policy Development & Deployment

    With increasingly high adoption of BYOD and BYOA, policies have become an important issue. This is because having the proper policies can make your business more secure and be free from attacks. Reduce the risk of attacks by defining the correct policies and enforcing it optimally.

  • Security Auditing

    Do not know whether your security posture already met the international standard? A security audit can help you evaluate your current posture and identify the gaps between your current condition and the established standard.

  • Security Assistance

    We provide assistance for your internal IT security team to improve their capabilities and ensuring that every implementation is up to the international standard. We also provide assistance for developing and delivering your internal Security Operation Center to achieve its defined goals.

  • Incident Response & Management

    With DISC, you can get a fast response from our team when incidents happen. When combined with DIMS solution, your business can get a comprehensive IT security services and be instantly notified whenever issues arise so our team can carry out mitigation process as soon as possible.

  • Penetration Testing & Compromised Testing

    We conduct thorough testing, conforming to international standards and frameworks, to ensure that your business is free from vulnerabilities at all times.

  • Security Certification

    Whether PCI-DSS or ISO 27000 Certification, our team can assist you to achieve those compliance.

How We Are Different ?

  • We tailor services for different needs.

  • Internationally-standardized testing framework.

  • Do not hesitate to Interact with our certified & professional security consultants.

  • Comprehensive reporting of progress, complete with analysis, and recommendations.

  • Make use of industry’s best practices and our wide client portfolio to bulletproof your business against any future threats. - Make use of industry’s best practices combined with our wide client portfolio to bulletproof your business against any future threats.

  • Our core team consists of certified professionals (CISSP, CISA, ISO27001 LA, ISO 20000 LA, PCI QSA) with extensive track record in IT security industry.

  • Better knowledge with major security products. Affiliated with CTI Group’s subsidiaries, who are major IT Security Distributors, will improve our understanding of your security environment.

  • Our services can be tailored to fulfill your organization’s need of security.

Who Are We ?

We are Defender Nusa Semesta (DNS), a business that focuses on IT security. We are the team behind Defenxor, an integrated security provider for businesses.

Why Defenxor ?

With IT, your business is connected to a global audience of customers. Therefore, issues related to IT systems must be prevented because it can negatively impact your business. However, threats to the IT system are evolving. Securing your business’s IT requires a great deal of expertise as well as investment. Defenxor takes away the complexity and reduce the cost-of-ownership to deploy a security platform that can ensure your business to run smoothly. Therefore, you can focus more on the other aspects of your business.